Bloom Box

  • Date:03.29.2023
  • Client:Bloom Box
  • Categories:Logo Design

Bloom Box is a business that sells subscription-based flower arrangements delivered to customers’ doorsteps every month. Bloom Box provides a unique and personalized experience for customers to enhance their living spaces with fresh, seasonal flowers.

Target Audience: Bloom Box caters to individuals who appreciate the beauty of flowers and seek to bring a touch of nature into their homes. The target audience includes urban dwellers, busy professionals, and individuals who value convenience and quality.

Brand Personality: Bloom Box is a brand that is vibrant, modern, and sophisticated.

The business focuses on creating personalized experiences for its customers, ensuring that each bouquet is unique and tailored to their preferences.

Logo Design Brief: Bloom Box requires a modern, sleek logo that embodies the brand’s personality. The logo should incorporate an icon that represents flowers, but it should not be too literal. The color palette should be bright and fresh, evoking a sense of nature and beauty.

Solution: We crafted a very beautiful logo for Bloom Box, which consists of two B’s (thus the company’s initials) and a flower that represents the services they offer to their clients.