• Date:06.12.2023
  • Client:EverBliss
  • Categories:Brand Identity

EverBliss is a company that is dedicated to creating immersive experiences and products that bring joy, happiness, and a sense of wonder to people’s lives. The company aims to touch the hearts and ignite the imagination of its customers, offering them a respite from the daily grind and a chance to embrace moments of pure bliss. 

The logo for EverBliss evokes an emotional response and captures the essence of joy, wonder, and enchantment. It reflects the company’s commitment to creating magical experiences that leave a lasting impact on people’s lives. The colour palette for the logo consist of warm, vibrant, and uplifting colours that evoke positive emotions and a sense of happiness.

The logo was creatively designed using the company’s initials E and B, these initials were designed to form a butterfly icon.