Top Branding Triumphs That Defined the Year 2023

Twitter rebrands to X with “good enough” logo

Following a brief call-out for a new design on Twitter, Elon Musk revealed in July that Twitter will be rebranding to X, replacing its well-known blue bird logo with a “art-deco” X. This was one of the biggest branding stories of the year. During the rebranding, the new crowdsourced logo coexisted with the original components.

James Greenfield, the CEO and co-founder of Koto, told us that the new moniker “doesn’t lend itself to being very useable” when we asked designers for their opinions. Greenfield asserted that Musk and his group have “massively underestimated” the effort required for a rebrand.


Nickelodeon’s 14-Year Transformation: A Fresh New Look Emerges

In an effort to integrate its on-air, digital, and social brand identities, Nickelodeon underwent its first rebranding in 14 years with the help of LA-based branding and design studio Roger. The new look for the network includes a fresh take on its iconic “Splat” logo. Since the children’s television network’s early studio days, Roger has been employed by it. Roger collaborated with Nickelodeon’s internal design team on the latest project, working on the core brand identity that includes the redesigned Splat logo, an updated color palette, and a contrasting type family. Increasing the coherence of the brand was the goal.

The motion design blends “classic cell animation and modern 3D design,” evoking Nickelodeon’s “classic animated style.” Roger sought to create a “contemporary look and feel” while paying attention to the network’s history by adding a layer of “bold and clean typography” on top.


Team GB’s Striking Makeover: Unveiling a Bold New Image for Paris 2024 Olympics

In an effort to keep Team GB relevant even when the games are not being played, Thisaway created a new brand strategy and identity for the team. The strategy centers the brand around the diversity of Team GB athletes and features a wide range of graphic illustrations.

The team claims that the new designs are based on a brand concept that “goes beyond sport” to increase its relevance in between Olympic games events.

Thisaway founder and creative director Graeme Cook says Team GB’s prior requirements mostly addressed “the use of the logo and how to lock it up with commercial partners,” with little emphasis on other visual assets. Team GB won the project through a tender at the end of 2021.


Facebook Reveals Revitalized Brand: A Fresh New Face for a Digital Era

This year, Meta’s in-house team unveiled the first part of a wider brand revamp for Facebook, redrawing the wordmark and logo to make its signature blue stand out. This was another huge story for another social media behemoth.

The updated logo and wordmark, together with an enlarged color scheme, were intended to unify Facebook’s brand and increase accessibility.

The brand underwent several more changes before revealing its new name. Additionally, Facebook’s parent company Meta unveiled Threads, a rival to Twitter.

The internal design team of Meta oversaw the project. It’s the “first phase of a refreshed identity system for Facebook, with a focus on fostering effortless, self-initiated exploration and connection across every touchpoint,” according to Facebook Vice President and Head of Design Tagu Kato.


Wolff Olins Transforms LG Electronics: A Global Peek into the Brand Refresh

August saw the full brand identity of LG Electronics presented, following the April 2023 debut of “a teaser.” Wolff Olins created the new design, which pays homage to LG’s Korean history. Animated figures also attempt to liven up the brand with entertaining dance motions.

According to senior creative director Tom Carey, Wolff Olins was called in to rethink the entire digital, physical, and social experience and better connect it with LG’s character. Carey claims that LG aimed to “shift perceptions” and “put people first, not tech,” as opposed to being seen as “a traditional family brand that parents would buy their fridge from.”

The consultancy unveiled a fresh face logo and a serif typeface that defies industry convention.


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